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Roku TV (TCL 65R625) and Sound Bar (TCL Alto 9+) Issues

First, TCL doesn't have a forum, so I'm not even sure if posting about issues with a TCL Alto 9+ sound bar connected to my TCL 65R625 Roku TV here is allowed.  But, assuming it's OK, here we go:

1.  After connecting the sound bar to my tv (via HDMI ARC), it added a icon to the home page called "TCL Alto 9+" right at the front.  Selecting it gives me nothing but a message saying "No signal (is it on?)."  What's that about?  Is that icon just there because the two devices are connected and the tv needed to call the connection something?  Is it supposed to do anything at all?

2.  How does the sound bar get updates?  Does it go through the tv's wired internet connection and get updates with the tv, itself?  I ask because our network is, obviously, password protected and, AFAIK, the sound bar has made no attempt to connect wirelessly to the network.

EDIT:  I've found the answer for this.  The soundbar does NOT get its firmware updates through the network connection in the tv.  It gets them through its own wifi connection.  Following the instructions on TCL's site for connecting to wifi:


Does not work.  What did was fire up Google Home on my Android phone.  It found the soundbar and walked me through connecting it to my home network.  As soon as I did that, it found and downloaded the latest firmware for the soundbar.

3.  And, of course, does anyone know of a more appropriate forum for questions about these devices?

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Re: Roku TV (TCL 65R625) and Sound Bar (TCL Alto 9+) Issues

Let me add another question.  I've got some Bluetooth headphones that were connected to the Audio Out connector on the TV.  With the soundbar connected through the HDMI-ARC connector, it seems like that Audio Out port is now disabled.  IOW, I can't use my headphones instead of the soundbar.  From what I've found about that soundbar, I also cannot just somehow connect those headphones to it to listen.  Has anyone found a way to mute the soundbar and listen (temporarily) through headphones?