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Roku TV - OTA live tv USB - Black Screen When USB Drive Inserted

Same thing here. TCL tv screen goes black when the USB is inserted. Worked great for about 6 months then 2 weeks ago stopped working all together. Every station is a blank screen that says
No Signal. Remove the USB and everything is normal again.

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Re: Roku TV - OTA live tv USB features broken after latest software update

@JasonG That sounds like a slightly different issue, but might be related since the timing coincides with the 9.2.0 OS software update pushed last month.

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Re: Roku TV - OTA live tv USB - Black Screen When USB Drive Inserted

@JasonG Thanks for the note here. Have you tried using a newly, reformatted USB drive to see if the same issue occurs? It's possible that the device became corrupted and may need to be replaced. 

Please keep us posted from there. I'd also recommend reaching out to your Roku TV manufacturer to report the issue and request additional support. 




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