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Roku TV OS Connected to Soundbar Audio Issues. (HELP)

Need some help with an issue I have spent all day trying to figure out. Losing my mind. I just bought a Vizio 2.1 Channel M series Soundbar. Have a Hisesne R6 series 4k TV with a Roku OS, With a 4k Apple TV used for streaming. When I set up the soundbar, everything worked fine at first. But then a couple of hours ago I noticed the remote has significant input lag. Same with the Apple TV iPhone remote app. I spent 2 hours trying to even figure out how to stop it. And found that in the Roku OS there is an Audio setting called “Digital Output Format” that has several options for the audio. It was set to “Auto”, and that seems to be what is causing the significant input lag on Apple TV, and when I set it too “Passthrough" It worked perfectly again with the lag, The only issue is that Passthrough option does not sound very good, and the Auto setting sounds significantly better. I got sent in a full circle with Technical support. Vizio sent me to Apple, Apple said to call Hisesne, and Hisesne said to call Vizio. How do I fix this? I am losing my mind over this.

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Re: Roku OS Audio Issues. (HELP)


Thanks for the post.

I have passed along your concerns and details to the appropriate Roku team to investigate further.


Danny R.
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