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Re: Lip sync audio and visual lagging

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@coachgeek wrote:

55" A109X 55R625 paired with a Denon Atmos/Dolby Receiver

Following what was written (clueless newbie here) I did –

- System –> Sound –> Digital Audio Format 

And changed it from "Auto" to "Passthrough" 

That seems to have fixed it. Was noticing it on Hulu mostly. 


Right now my biggest sync problem is from the TV's internal Netflix app.  If I have the TV's audio set to Auto, the sound is delayed by as much as 300ms at times.   Setting the TV's sound to Passthrough resolves that but then my Apple TV 4K apps are out of sync. 

My setup is simple.  TCL 65R635, Apple TV 4K connected to HDMI 1, currently LG SN7R soundbar connected to the TV's eARC port.  

The Apple TV is a much better streaming device than the TV's internal Roku apps so lately I've just been avoiding the TV's built-in apps and using the Apple TV 4K for everything. 

I also have a Spectrum cable box connected to HDMI 2.  I had to get the cable box because Spectrum's app sucks and because Roku had a tempter tantrum with Spectrum and pulled the Spectrum app from the Roku app store.  If Roku hadn't pulled the Spectrum app I would not have bought the Apple TV and would have settled for the Roku apps even though the Roku is inferior to the Apple.   But since I had to get the Apple to access the Spectrum app, only to find out the app sucks and I still had to get the freakin cable box, at least I'm going to put the Apple TV to good use. 

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