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Roku Streambar with Wireless Speakers ALL IN FRONT?

Hi, All. So, I have a Roku Streambar and bought the Roku wireless speakers. I had them in the back of the room in that configuration, but just didn't feel I needed that surround experience the way our living room is configured.

I since reset the Roku wireless speakers and positioned them to the left and right of the Streambar in the front of the room. Since repositioning  and resetting it seems the wireless speakers are now the primary speakers and very little noise out of the streambar.


My understanding is that the Streambar is now acting as the center channel. I read to turn on voice clarity and adjust bass / treble.


My questions:

1. Is the above set up ok? I know it's not true surround but will it create a faux experience?

2. Any tips with settings for the streambar in center front, wireless speakers left/right front?


Thanks all


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