Roku Streambar Streaming Quality

I just replaced my Roku Ultra with a Roku Streambar.  The streaming quality is terrible on the Streambar.  The video starts distorted and pixelated and will stop and buffer many times.  I did not have this problem with the Ultra.  I have excellent Wifi signal strength and an excellent Wifi Mesh configuration. I have tried both 5G and 2.4G since that seams to be the only adjustments I can make.  Is anyone else having streaming quality issues with the Streambar?

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Re: Roku Streambar Streaming Quality

Hi, @Whatup 

Thanks for posting, and welcome to the Roku Community.

We appreciate you for reaching out to us regarding the issue you've encountered, and we'll be more than glad to assist. May we know on what specific channel/app have you experienced the low-quality streaming on your Roku Streambar? When did you first experience this issue occur? Also, we recommend performing a system restart to resolve the issue. To do this, navigate to Settings > System > Power (skip if no sub-menu) > System Restart.

Please keep us posted.

All the best,

Takashi O.
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