Roku Streambar Pro coming to Canada?


Just wondering if anyone knows if the newly announced Streambar Pro will be released in Canada and if so when? 

I have contacted various Canadian retailers to find out more but no luck so far 

Thank you 

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Re: Roku Streambar Pro coming to Canada?

Even I am asking this as we are next to u.s.a u would think so the closest Country next to Canada I sometimes wonder are we looked at as some 3rd world country to the u.s because u.s.a and Canada always from day one u.s had Canada to there side and then other countries after words funny how things change doesn't it as lived in Windsor Ontario and family still does we always thought we were number one country to u.s but now it's like we are not thanks to trudau and others before him as even his dad thought we were u.s,a brother and today I find we are thought as last and never get benefits we once had compared to other countries thanks to Canada and it's stupid politics to upset u.s.a 

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