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Roku Speakers Questions

Hello all, I have some questions about the Roku Soundbar and Wireless Speakers. 

I currently have a TCL Roku TV Model 55US57. I am thinking about getting both the Soundbar and the Wireless speakers. However i have a lot of questions:

1) If the soundbar is essentially a Roku stremaing system too, how would that interact with the TV with the system already baked in? Would I have to click on the soundbar to open another roku while in the TV roku channel menu like a normal channel or game system?

2) How does the Bluetooth on it work? Is it pretty universal in terms of devices to connect? And is it always in standby?

3) I want to get a Bluray player so that I can play CDs through the Soundbar. How feasible is that? Would i connect it to the TV or the Soundbar?

4) How is the connectivity to the Wireless speakers? Is it pretty seamless in terms of set up?

if there is any other pertinent info along these lines, please do tell. 



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