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Roku Soundbar not working with CBS All Access

I have 2 "Roku - 2.0-Channel Smart Soundbars".  I just signed up for CBS All Access.  On Sunday, I started watching "Star Trek Discover", and the volume was fine.  I tried watching it again yesterday, and the volume is ok for less than a minute, and it goes to a very soft volume (muffled).  Then anything else I try to listen to is the same, with minimal volume, even if I get out of CBS All Access (minimal volume on any Roku channel).  I have to unplug and restart the Roku and volume is fine again.  It has happened to BOTH of my Soundbars, and only on the CBS channel.  No, the volume is not muted on my remote- there is volume but very low.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thx.

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Re: Roku Soundbar not working with CBS All Access

@dtfamily  Thanks for reaching out. A few more questions here to help clarify the specific behavior you are seeing. 

- You mention that the audio issue occurs only when you are in the CBS All-Access channel, but then you exit the channel and the issue is still present on the Roku Home screen and in other streaming channels?

- Does this occur if you try watching other content inside the CBS All-Access channel, or only on Star Trek Discovery?

- What is a specific season and episode of Star Trek Discovery that you have been watching when this issue occurs? 

- The next time you see this issue, please generate an issue tracker report ID by pressing the home button 5 times quickly, followed by the back button 5 times quickly. Reply with this number, and the serial number of your specific device from Settings>System>About so we can help take a closer look. 




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