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Roku Soundbar Volume Control from Samsung TV?

Anyone with a Samsung TB and Roku Soundbar know if the TV can be set to control a HDMI ARC connected Roku soundbars volume with the Samsung remote?


I cant really find anything aside from Samsung documents on it and all those specifically mention Samsung soundbars, and they have a bad habit of renaming standards like HDMI CEC into things like Samsung Anynet+ so its hard to figure out if it should be compatible with any CEC soundbar or only Samsung ones.


For normal use it shouldn't matter since the Roku remote should control the roku soundbars volume, but newer Samsung tv's have things like Alexa control support letting you add the TV to Alexa and then issue voice commands to change the volume, so if the TV can't the Roku soundbar volume like it would a Samsung one then that functionality would essentially be lost.


Thank you!

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