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Roku Soundbar Not Loading

I have the ONN/Roku Smart Soundbar w/ subwoofer. It worked fine up until a couple months ago. Now, when I power it on, the "bouncing Roku" screen just stays up and the software never loads. There is a solid green light on the front of the soundbar as well I've tried unplugging, plugging back in, hitting the reset button, holding down the reset button, moving to a different TV....nothing. Software refuses to load all the way, and the speakers don't work either. So I've got a very large paperweight that displays a bouncing Roku logo when connected via HDMI. 


Any ideas on things to try to fix this? Anyone else had this happen?

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Re: Roku Soundbar Not Loading

@supertruck97  Thanks for reaching out. We'd recommend starting by performing a full factory reset on the unit. While plugged into power, press and hold down the reset button down for a full 30 seconds. From there, the device should restart and you'll be prompted to go through setup again and link the Soundbar to your Roku account. 

If that isn't helping clear this up, please send me a private message your Roku account email address, and the serial number of your Soundbar. We'll get you in touch with our support team from there for further assistance. 




Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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