Roku Smart Soundbar vs. Streambar Pro

I currently have a Roku TV with Roku Speakers which I absolutely love. I had been planning on buying the Roku Subwoofer and think I'm finally ready to bite the bullet, but I'm considering getting a Roku soundbar as well to go full 5.1 audio.

I was hesitant at first because I knew the speakers could only be used with a Roku TV and I wanted to option to move to a different TV in the future without having to repurchase a whole new surround sound system, but further research has shown me that if I use a soundbar with the speakers and sub, I can dump the Roku TV at anytime. 🙌

So now I'm down to figuring out which Roku soundbar to go with. The specs for the Smart Soundbar seem fairly identical to the new Streambar Pro, but the older soundbar is currently about $40 cheaper on Amazon. I don't need any of the extras from either of them, I use the Roku built in to the TV but I also have a brand new Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for use. The 2 personal shortcut buttons on the newer bar remote is the only real difference I see but I could save $40 by not caring about them.

Anyone have either of these and can say which they think might be best, especially for a 5.1 Roku setup?

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Re: Roku Smart Soundbar vs. Streambar Pro

If you do away with roku tv,  and replace it with roku soundbar the wireless speakers will no long work as mains, they will be rears or accent speakers only. 

Yes the only difference between the Roku Smart Soundbar and Roku streambar pro is the remote. That remote isn't available separately anymore, it was replaced with rechargeable voice pro, which has been out of stock for months. 

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