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Roku Smart Soundbar / Ethernet Connection

I currently have Roku Ultra, for two reasons

1. I live in an area that has a lot of WiFi interference so I'm Hard Wired to the internet, the Ultra has that port.

2. The remote has a headphone jack for those times I need not disturb people.

My question is WHY does the Roku Smart Soundbar system not have either one (preferably both) built in?

I what to UPGRADE but it's not worth it without at least the Ethernet connection.

When are you going to fix the problem?

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Re: Roku Smart Soundbar / Ethernet Connection

In addition to the Ethernet connection and headphone jack, it would be great to have the remote finder function on the soundbar.  That has proven to be an extremely helpful function for us.

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Re: Roku Smart Soundbar / Ethernet Connection

I was at the store, ready to pick up a soundbar when I saw it has no ethernet port. That's a deal-breaker. I've got enough stuff on my wireless - that soundbar isn't walking around anywhere! It needs a wired port. I hope the 10 cents you saved by not putting one in makes up for the $150+ sale you just lost because of it.

And while we're at it, why can't I find a remote with the headphone jack?!? Ours broke (got bent when sat on) and we need to replace it. The answer is always "use the app" - yeah, that's not a solution either. Again - stop cheaping out! I'll gladly pay another $2 or whatever to get the headphone jack.

Finally, I didn't know the soundbar didn't have the "find remote" feature - with 2 kids and a dog in the house, that's saved us more time than I can remember in the other room. This soundbar is supposed to be the top-of-the-line product, and 3 of the Roku features I use most aren't in it!

I'm really disappointed. I love Roku (I remember you're the ex-ReplayTV people... I had both the ReplayTV 1000 and 2 4000's) and have 4 of them (Rokus). I really want a soundbar. Without these features, I just can't do it. Message me when they're added - or just send it to me COD. :-)

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Re: Roku Smart Soundbar / Ethernet Connection

When are you going to spend the $1.50 and add an ethernet port? I might consider buying your soundbar then, shoot a may even boost your sales.

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Re: Roku Smart Soundbar / Ethernet Connection

I believe the Soundbar and the Streambar both can have ethernet if you get the right USB-ethernet dongle. Roku has a page with links to 2 they have tested.

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Level 7

Re: Roku Smart Soundbar / Ethernet Connection

I was going to buy a Roku Soundbar, but because of the lack of a gigabit ethernet I will not. And the separate 100mb USB dongle is not a sufficient substitute. It is very unfortunate that the product managers at Roku have somehow decided that ethernet is unnecessary, when in fact there are a lot of good reasons to use ethernet and not wireless. Reasons include greater reliability, no interference, and a desire to have less wireless transmissions in the home (many people, including my wife, are sensitive to wireless signals).

When Roku makes a Soundbar with built in gigabit (or better) ethernet, I will buy it -- unless by then I've found a better product from a competitor.

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