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Roku Onn only sometimes connects to PC

So I've had this Roku for about a year now, and I chose it because of the option to use it as a second screen for my laptop. However, most of the  time it doesn't show up under my available devices. There is no option for screen mirroring in my settings, but the thing that is really stumping me is that sometimes I will have the option to connect to it. Maybe about once a month it randomly pops onto my available devices. Ive tried resetting both devices and my router, checked connectivity, and waited hours on customer service with no solution other than select the screen mirroring option that doesn't exist or  wait for a call back that will not happen by this point.


I don't know if this is relevant or just me being a dummy, but the same thing happens when I try connecting through an HDMI cable. Sometimes it's fine, others my laptop turns black like its making a connection, but nothing is showing up on the screen (correct channel)


Could anybody help me with either of these issues?

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Re: Roku Onn only sometimes connects to PC

It is a Roku onn

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