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Roku Channel titles and streaming TV doesn't work both in App and in TCL TV for the last 2 we...

I have had Roku programming for years. On September 11, 2023, all my channels and programs were gone. I have a remote stream on one TV and a Roku TV, both are gone. My account is paid up and my internet is solid. I have not been able to reach anyone. The phone stays busy and there is no email address. My account numbers do not match up with anything and when I try to upgrade my software, I get an error (003). It is as if my account has been completely deleted. I need to talk to someone ASAP

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Re: Roku Channel titles and streaming TV doesn't work both in App and in TCL TV for the last 2 we...

Hi @Kennyray12,

Welcome, and thanks for posting here in the Roku Community!

We're glad to assist you with your problem with all your channels and programs on Roku being gone. We'd like to know more about the issue that you are experiencing right now. What are the steps that you have taken to reproduce the issue? Please go to Home> Settings> System> About. Check to see if your email address is still linked to your Roku devices. If it is not there, you should activate your Roku devices again. Also, if there are any network connectivity issues, it can cause Roku Error Code 003. The simplest way to fix Roku Error Code 003 is to restart your Roku device and router. You can check here for what to do if your Roku TV system or streaming player won't update software.

Let us know how it goes.

Kind regards,


Eunice L.
Roku Community Moderator
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