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Level 8

RoKu TV Drops Live Feeds

Why does my TCL Smart Tv drop YouTube Live feeds after a few minutes.  The feeds work fine on my computer but not so on the TV. I have asked this question before and got no response from RoKu Support
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Level 10

Re: RoKu TV Drops Live Feeds

Probably a router issue. Pushing out live TV takes a lot more resources than a buffered video stream. I would upgrade my router.
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Level 19

Re: RoKu TV Drops Live Feeds


Thanks for the note here. A few questions to help better understand what you are seeing:

- What channel are you watching when you observe this? Does this occur on multiple channels, or just one? 
- Have you tried troubleshooting your network? Restarting your modem/router, and your device may help. 
- Have you tried removing the channel, restarting the TV from the Settings menu, then once the TV starts up again, adding the channel back once more?

 With more information, we can continue assisting you. 

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