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Remote only works when very close to tv

I went to use my remote that came with my TCL Roku tv the other day and it suddenly stopped working unless it is within a foot of the tv pointing straight at the tv. I used to be able to be across the room and it work just fine. I tried looking through my phone camera at the infrared light when pushing a button and nothing happens. Is there a way to get it replaced or fixed without braking the bank?

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Re: Remote only works when very close to tv

Did you try new batteries? Is there something in front of the tv like a sound bar? Roku TV's use a very old code set found in remotes going back 20 years. Buy cheap universal at target or the dollar store. Look for tv brands like Admiral, Emerson, Dynex, and Insignia.

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Re: Remote only works when very close to tv


Thanks for the inquiry.

As @Tivoburkee mentioned, make sure that there are no obstacles blocking the IR transmitter on your Roku TV.

For more information about your remote controlling your TV, visit our Support page here: How do I resolve problems with my Roku IR (infrared) remote?


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Re: Remote only works when very close to tv

I'm having EXACTLY the same issue. Already tried all of the suggested troubleshooting tips...even replaced the remote. Same issues occurs on and off. So frustrating because I love the TLC TV, but what fun is having a TV with a faulty remote? I'm going to try to purchase and "Enhanced" remote since the IR remote seem to be having issues.

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Re: Remote only works when very close to tv

My Roku ultra remote has been working flawlessly for the past year but all of sudden it stopped controlling the LG TV's on/off and volume functions, I went through a solid 2 hours of monkeying around with it till I noticed it still works but only if I'm 2 feet away from the TV....tried fresh batteries, reset and re-pairing but no luck....this is very strange, I'm wondering if this is due to an update issue?