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Reality check...

I've checked the forum posts and have been unable to find relevant answers or suggestions.

I recently cut the cord and use YouTube TV.  The savings are substantial, but I am not totally happy with the switch and am hoping to get some suggestions from this forum.

Launching the YouTube TV app and loading of programs is slow. My wife complains that it's not fast like cable or as sharp and I explain that we are now streaming over Wi-Fi and not using a wired connection.  That said, I share some of her grievances.

The TV itself turns on quickly and I can see its list of apps without issue. When I select YouTube TV, its launch takes about 15 seconds. When I scroll through the options and try to load a program, it takes another 15-20 seconds.

On an iPad or Macbook, using the same 5G network, there is virtually no lag when loading YouTube TV menus or its programs.

Any ideas why YouTube TV on the Roku TV is so slow?

Here is my setup:

  • Sharp 55" Roku TV, Model LC-55LB481U - this is a 1080p HD model so I'm not expecting UHD quality
    Speed tests over a 5G Wi-Fi network = Excellent signal strength and 23 Mbps download speedNo RJ45 connector for wired ethernet

  • AT&T Fiber Internet 1000
          Wi-Fi networks - 2.4G and 5.0G network         
          Ethernet wired connection to Mac = 950Mbps download and 931Mbps upload speeds
          Wi-Fi connection to Macbook = 152.2Mbps download and 127.3 upload speeds

  • AT&T U-Verse Pace 5268AC FXN Gateway - seems to work fine - reboot once a week

  • AT&T Air Ties SmartMesh Wi-Fi Extender Model Air 4920 - Installed in the room with the TV

Initially, I suspected that the Wi-Fi module in the Roku TV was slow.  Could it be?

Next, I thought that possibly the TV was too old and that I should replace it with a newer UHD 4K model that might have a better Wi-Fi module and processor  True?

I consulted with some people at our local Best Buy and they suggested that I purchase a Roku Streaming Stick and bypass the Roku TV's on-board menus?  Is that possible? Will that help?

Do any of the forum members have similar issues that they've resolved?  Any help or suggestions are appreciated.  Thank you!
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Re: Reality check...

You probably.bought this TV two years ago, correct? It's a 2.year old model, which isn't terribly old by Roku standards, but being an owner of many models of Roku products in the past, including boxes, sticks, and TV's, I can say that my 2017 TCL Roku tv navigates more slowly than my 2016 Roku stick did. Everything from navigating menus to starting streams went a little faster with it.

The standalone Roku devices could have a faster processor and/or more RAM than most of the lower end TV's.

Yes you can plug a Roku stick or any other Roku HDMI device into a Roku tv and have another Roku input. It's weird, but it should help speed things up, especially if you spring for a Roku Ultra or a 4K stick. Even if you don't need 4K, these are the fastest devices that Roku sells. Also, the Ultra has an Ethernet port, which is more reliable than most wifi connections.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Reality check...

Hi Jeffrok,

Thanks a lot for your post!  Yes, I did buy it a little over 2 years ago. It makes sense, so I'm going to take your advice and buy a Roku Ultra and test it out.

I'll post an update!

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Re: Reality check...

"Marky Mark" wrote:
My wife complains that it's not fast like cable

I find it laughable that people rush to ditch their cable and then complain that it isn't like cable any more. If you want cable, pay for cable. If you don't want cable, you need to adjust your expectations.
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Re: Reality check...

Hi, again, Jeffrok,

I purchased a Roku Ultra and just set it up.  Works much better than the on-board Roku.  Although there is a slight lag, everything loads twice as fast and the image seems brighter!  

Thanks again for your positive response!  Very helpful!

Best regards,
Marky Mark
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