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Questions about Roku TVs ( Roku )

I am going to be adding a TV during a remodeling and am considering a Roku TV but have a few simple questions.

  1. We will be watching it with Tivo 90% of the time, so when we turn on the TV, will it start on the last input (Tivo on HDMI) or will it start on the Tivo menu and we will need to select the HDMI input each time we turn the TV on?

  2. If it does start with the last input (and so there is no need to select a device) does it take the full Roku system start or does it jump right into the HDMI as quickly as a normal TV would do.

Based on the fact that we only do ~10% of our viewing via streaming at this point, I am concerned that a Roku TV will be too kludgy if every time we turn it on we have to jump around with selections instead of starting it up right in the current TV feed.

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Re: Questions about Roku TVs ( Roku )

Roku TVs can be configured to power on to a particular input.  I believe the last input used is also one of the choices.  It only takes it a few seconds to do so when powered up.

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