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Level 9

Ps4 Input Lag When Dolby Digital Selected

Strange bug discovered. I have been using Dolby Digital/Dts audio setting on my TCL tb for a long time. No issues there. 

recently, I started getting extreme input lag on my PS4. Found on another forum that switching in game mode solves the issue. Also, game mode off but not using Dolby digital/Dolby digital and DTS solves the problem also. Why would Dolby digital cause input lag? Was this due to a recent update? I have noticed new audio settings as well.

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Level 8

Re: Ps4 Input Lag When Dolby Digital Selected

Yeah definately a bug. I figured it out a while ago and while switching off Dolby digital fixes it.. but also going back to Dolby digital fixes the input lag for me as well. It's almost like there's a memory leak in the Roku software somewhere and switching back and fourth resets it for me.

Level 9

Re: Ps4 Input Lag When Dolby Digital Selected

Happened to me when my tv updated early in the AM just after I had gone to bed.  

I was going crazy-tried a bunch of other fixes thinking it was the PS4 or controllers.  Eventually saw people here talking about this and it appears this fixed the issue.

It's very similar to how Logitech's GHub updates will cause problems on a PC.

Level 7

Re: Ps4 Input Lag When Dolby Digital Selected

Yup same issue here man. Also have dolby settings and was playing mlb the show on my ps4 pro and couldn't hit a pitch lol. noticed it was doing the same thing with the Nintendo switch on a different HDMI port too. thanks for the game mode tip. hoping it's a quick fix.

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