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Projecting windows on a roku hisense tv

I just bought a Hisense Smart TV with Roku so that I could cast my laptop to it with music production software for my studio. When I try to project the normal way using windows, it says starting video from 20498 (the name of my laptop) but then gets hung in the loading process and stays there. Meanwhile on my laptop it just says "couldn't connect". What could be causing it to not be able to project? I'm connected to the same internet on both devices and I've tried unadding and readding the TV on windows. My roku setting are set to always allow. Please someone help

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Re: Projecting windows on a roku hisense tv

I had the same issue and my McAfee firewall was blocking the connection.  Turned it off and it worked.  I then chatted with McAfee support and they remoted in and unblocked just for that app.

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