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Problems with TCL Roku TV staying on my wifi

I have a TCL roku tv that's about a year old. For a few months now it seems to forget about my wifi on starting almost every single time I turn it on.

It says "Connecting..." in the top right corner, but it never connects. If I go into settings and tell it to set up my wifi connection, it finds and connects to my wifi immediately. But then the next time I turn the TV on, I have to go through that procedure again.

It's becoming quite annoying.

Does anyone know a fix?

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Re: Problems with staying on my wifi

First of all Roku does not make TV's. They sell the software to manufactures such as TCL or Hisense. I own 3 TCL Roku TV's, they work awesome. The only thing that could cause this would be a weak WiFi signal. How far is your TV from the modem or router? How fast is your internet? Go to network on your Roku and run a check connection test. What does it say for a signal strength and speed? Since your TV is dual band have you tried the 2.4GHz and the 5.0GHz? When you are done streaming are you actually unpowering the TV or just pressing the power button on the remote? You can also reach out to your TV manufacture for assistance. 

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Re: Problems with staying on my wifi


Could be a couple of different things going on depending which band you are trying to connect to. (2.4ghz or 5ghz band).

The 2.4 ghz band could experiencing interference/congestion and having trouble re-establishing a connection depending on how long the RokuTV has been off.  (normally occurs more often after an extended power down).

The 5 ghz band could be switching to an unsupported channel within the router (DFS channels 52-140) that the Roku cannot see or use, thus preventing your RokuTV from reconnecting.  Could also simply be losing connection depending on distance from router.

If you are using a mesh network, can cause additional issue because may be switching bands while powered down and unable to locate last known IP while trying to reconnect.

Normally, adjusting the router settings will resolve issue.  Usually points to a settings issue, especially, as you indicate, you can simply reconnect by going to Network Settings from within the RokuTV. (It justs gets annoying to have to do this every time).


1. You can try Enabling Fast TV Start from within the RokuTV settings (Settings/System/Power/Fast TV Start/Enable Fast TV Start by checking box).   This setting places the tv in more of a standby mode that helps with some disconnection issues.  

2. Login to your router and adjust your router settings and see if performance improves.  Normally a wireless channel change and adjusting the channel width/bandwidth to lower settings should help to stabilize disconnections.  Just keep a note of previous settings to narrow down issue before making changes.


1. Radio is On/Enabled
2. SSID (network name) is On/Broadcasting
3. Network Mode/Protocol is set to b/g/n (Mixed Mode)
4. Bandwidth/Channel Width is set to 20mhz
5. Wireless Channel is set between 1 and 11 (preferably 1, 6 , or 11). Try changing and using different channels. Roku cannot see or use 12,13,14.

* Restart both your Router and your Roku after making above changes.


1. Radio is On/Enabled
2. SSID (network name) is On/Broadcasting
3. Network Mode/Protocol is set to N/AC
4. Bandwidth/Channel Width is set to 20mhz or 20/40 mhz
5. Wireless Channel is set between 36-48 (low frequency band) or 149-161 (high frequency band). Roku cannot see or use channels 52-140 (DFS Channels) which an Auto Setting may be choosing. If your router allows you to Disable DFS Channels, then an Auto Setting may be used after successful troubleshooting.

Restart both your Router and Roku devices(s) after making the above changes.


Feel free to post back with an update or if you need more help. Include your router model number and ISP. (internet service provider) if needing help with settings.

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