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Problems connecting certain TCL Roku TV channels to internet

So I've recently purchased a new TCL 50S423 and have been using it error free for a month or so with a ISP (Century Link) provided Modem/Router ZyXEL C1100Z.  I am trying to set up a network for guests, we have an AirBnB, that is secured from my own.  So I decided to purchase a seperate router that will offer more features.  I purchased the Linksys WRT1200AC.


So,  I have put the ZyXEL into Transparent Bridging Mode.  Entered my PPPoE username & password in Linksys Smart Wifi router settings.  Changed Static DNS 1 to and Static DNS to

Router shows internet on LED's.  I can connect to internet from laptop, mobile device etc...so it is working correctly.


However when I go to use TCL TV I run into problems.  The TV will connect to internet.  When I run a "check connection" from TV menu I get an all ok.  However, when I go to one of the apps, Prime video/ Roku Channel or some others I get connection errors.  


Prime Video shows error code 5004.


Roku channel just loads and freezes.


However Halmark/ YouTube/ Vudu... channel all work just fine?


Not sure what to do.  I'm guessing there must be a setting in the router or TV somewhere I am missing.  Any help would be great.



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