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Problem with Roku Wireless Speaker Setup

I received my speakers last night and they do sound amazing. Everyone wasn't wrong about how loud they are either. The setup was easy along with getting the additional 2 remotes paired. I did have an issue with the sync as the lips were off a fraction of a second. Switching between apps/channels eventually got rid of that.

I tried the Fast Start feature with my Spotify Premium account, but couldn't get it to work. The instructions says when you get to the play screen, press *, but no menu comes up to turn the TV (55R617) off. When I turn it off with the power button, the app stops playing. Bluetooth stream works from cells and Surfaces. I haven't tried the mirroring feature yet. Anyone have any tips to get it to play Spotify, Pandora, etc. with the TV off without casting from a mobile device?

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Re: Problem with Roku Wireless Speaker Setup

I have a problem with Roku speakers.

The problem is you can't buy them in the UK (and buying from US and getting them shipped would be very expensive).

It isn't that hard to make a UK model and let Amazon FBA handle fulfilment from your own or 3rd party website 

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