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Powerpoint No Longer Plays on Roku Media Player

Someone please help! I have used the Roku Media Player for YEARS in order to play Powerpoint Presentations of info for our business (and I update it regularly). 

I export the PPP to a movie file format and onto USB. I use USB port on TV and play w/ Roku Media Player.

For some reason, this no longer works. I've tried:

  • different USB drives
  • re-formatting the USB drive
  • deleting some slides in the original file in attempt to make the file smaller (it was 48mb)
  • checked for updates in Roku Media Player (there were not any)

THEN, I created a brand-new ppp and expored onto USB and plugged into the TV - and was successfully able to open with the Roku Media Player. I then concluded that maybe the original file (that I'd been using and making changes to) was maybe corrupt? I copied all slides from the original ppp to a blank ppp - and it STILL WON'T WORK. I do not understand why this no longer works!

Any advice? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Powerpoint No Longer Plays on Roku Media Player

When you say "doesn't work", can you be more specific?  It doesn't show up?  It shows up, but doesn't play?  Any error messages?

Are you using MP4 and not WMV (WMV hasn't been supported for years, so that's probably not the problem).  Video files can be huge, so I doubt the size of a Powerpoint video matters (48MB is nothing).

Compare a working video with one that doesn't work using something like MediaInfo to see if you can spot any differences.

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Re: Powerpoint No Longer Plays on Roku Media Player

@renojim I get an error message that says "File Not Playable." "An unexpected problem (but not server timeout or HTTP error) has been detected.

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