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Power on/off and universal remote with macros since 8.1 update


I have a TCL Roku TV (Model 55P605) running Roku software version 8.1.0, build 4139-30.  I use a universal remote to control my TV, Satellite Receiver, Raspberry Pi, and AVR.  I have a "Power-on" macro that turns all my devices on and a "Power-off" macro that turns them all off.  I have had the TV since October, 2017, and my macros have worked perfectly until the Roku 8.1 update.

Both my power-on and power-off macros failed to turn the TV on and off after the 8.1 update, but the IR power-toggle command (OBC 23) would turn the TV on "outside" of a macro, and the IR discrete power off (OBC 24) would turn it off outside a macro.  As far as I know, there is no working discrete power on that works on my TV (I have "Fast TV start" disabled.)  I wish it had one.

Through trial-and-error experimentation, I was able to work around the failure to turn the TV on by placing the TV power-on command first in my power-on macro.  I have no idea why this works or why 8.1 broke the macro that ran perfectly fine ever since I bought the TV.

The power-off macro was more difficult to work around, but I do have a work around in place now that has been working for about a week.  My power-off macro fires a discrete power-off (OBC 24) to the TV.  I discovered that if I had the TV set to HDMI1, then when I fired OBC 24 from within a macro, the TV appeared to turn off.  The display would go black for a second, but then the TV would come "back" on set to HDMI1.  During this sequence, the TV does not display the "Powering off" message.  If I fired and OBC 24 command to the TV outside of a macro, the TV would turn off.  It took me quite awhile to figure out what seemed to be happening.

To work around the power-off issue, I set the TV to "Antenna" input mode inside my macro before I try to turn it off with OBC 24.  That works, and I'm content for now.

I apologize for the long message.  I would appreciate any insight on what happened with my TV to render my macros unusable, and any input as to the "correct" ways to fix the problems I experienced.

I have opened a case with TCL Support but they have not been responsive.  I've also gotten some helpful advice from hifi-remote.com.

Thank you for any help.
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Re: Power on/off and universal remote with macros since 8.1 update

While my "issue" is not with the TV, I have found that ever since the latest update 8.1 for(all Roku products since I have the stick), I have had nothing but streaming and internet "issues". It appears that whenever I use Netflix, which also had a major upgrade July or August of 2018 (which was around the same time as Roku did their major upgrade) my internet drops down to under 5mbs from almost 60! I have tried everything to try and pin point the problem, from unplugging Roku, resetting Roku to factory settings, deleting the Netflix app from Roku etc etc and every other "suggestion" I could find on the internet (to basically realize that the latest Roku update with the latest Netflix update require way to much internet speed to work well together! I am now testing to see if other things like Vudo work ok with the latest 8.1 Roku update:: NOTE MY ISSUES APPEAR JUST TO BE WITH NETFLIX AND ROKU WORKING ON A WIRELESS NETWORK, SINCE NETFLIX WORKS FINE VIA AN ETHERNET CONNECTION AND MY SMART TV. 
For now my solution is to not watch Netflix via Roku and only watch netflix on my Laptop, Smart TV or phone BUT AS I SAID IT WILL NOT WORK CORRECTLY ON ROKU. ROKU AND NETFLIX REQUIRE WAY TOO MUCH INTERNET TO WORK WELL TOGETHER on a wireless Network AND UNTIL A FIX IS MADE, BOTH ARE BECOMING USELESS! If any Roku technician has any ideas if Roku is working on a fix it would be greatly appreciated. NOTE; I SPOKE TO NETFLIX AND THEY HAVE NO SOLUTION
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