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Reel Rookie

Please Add On/Off for Home Screen Continue Watching

Your update yesterday caused all my local channels to disappear. I had to re-scan to get them back. Because of that I also had to block all the channels I had blocked before, and I had to set my favorites all over again.

That's annoying, but not nearly as annoying as not having an option to turn off the forced Home Screen Continue Watching menu.

The problem your community has isn't that you're adding features, it's that we can't turn some of them OFF. Adding new features is fun, people like THE OPTION of using new features, but never when they're forced.

Analogy time, offer any of your customers a $5 bill, most would take it and say thank you. But if you offer your customers a $5 bill, but only under the condition that it gets shoved into their mouth and down their throat, a lot of people are going to say no thanks. That's what it's like when you force a new feature without the option of turning it off. 

Continue Watching might be a great feature, but it's not for me when it puts adult content on the home screen for my young child to easily access!

As is your UI already violates COPPA as pointed out by @CatherineP 

"The 'Continue Watching' feature on the Roku home screen is part of the Roku Operating System"

If that is true, roll it back to the previous OS that did not have it and try again with a toggle for it!

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