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Reel Rookie

Playstation 5 only outputting 2.0 Stereo on Roku Surround Sound 5.1 Setup

I recently upgraded my TV to a LG C1 evo. I'm using a Roku Streambar Pro, 4 wireless speakers and the wireless subwoofer for my surround sound setup. I have the Streambar Pro wired into an HDMI-Arc port. The TV and other devices appear to be functioning correctly. 

My problem is with the PS5. For some reason, the audio appears to be outputting as stereo. I've tried adjusting the settings on the TV to make sure it's set to pass-through. I've tried using the auto setting as well. I've changed the PS5 settings from PCM to Dolby. I've set the PS5 to AVR with 5.1 channels (I tried the TV and Soundbar settings as well). I had eARC enabled and I disabled that.

TL:DR - I've tried just about every combination of settings I can think of, but the PS5 will not output 5.1 audio, it's always stereo no matter what I try to do.
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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