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Picture goes to black screen every 2 seconds, but audio continues.

Having the same issue after about a month of having a new Samsung TV and new Roku Smart Sound bar. When TV is first turned on the picture goes to black every 2 seconds but still has sound, after about 2 minutes picture stays on. Found out if we don't use the TV through the Roku sound bar but instead just use the Samsung TV, the picture and sound is fine when the TV is first turned on. Then we switch over to Roku and it seems to be stable.

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Re: Picture goes to black screen every 2 seconds, but audio continues.

@JB33 Thanks for reaching out. To help better understand the issue, I'd like to gather a few more details. 

- What specific model of Samsung TV is your device connected to? 

- Have you tried replacing the HDMI cable connecting the Soundbar to the TV, as well as connecting the Soundbar to a dfferent HDMI port on the TV? Do either of these steps resolve the issue? 

- Does this occur when you are viewing the Roku home screen on the Soundbar, or only when you try to stream content inside a streaming channel? 

- When you say it clears up after 2 minutes, do you mean that this black screen behavior stops and the picture continues to display normally? 

With more details, I can see what other suggestions we can make. 




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