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Partial loss of arc cec

Today I had to disconnect the ethernet to my TCL 65" set and my Yamaha AV receiver.  During the process I also disconnected the power strip to both.  I restored the power, refreshed the network connections using wifi (a temporary situation) and everything was fine until I went to watch tv and discovered that I could not get any audio from either the tv or the Yamaha.  The TV will now activate the power on the Yamaha, but will not shut it down.  Activating my Apple TV will cause the Yamaha and the TCL to power up, but the picture will not display. So, I have evidence of the signal working in both directions.

An attempt to have the Roku search for a arch device in settings results in none found.  I have tried all the obvious steps and been through every part of the Roku settings menu...even when so far as to perform a full factory restore of the TV.  I've connecting the receiver to different HDMI ports on both the TV and receiver.  Nothing will get the Yamaha to display on the TV.

Any ideas, or comparable issue out there.  I've read about a few here that are similar, but not exactly the same.

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