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Overheating and Needing to Confirm After One Hour

Two new things:  after watching for 45 minutes, I got the message about the Roku overheating!  I asked for the HDMI extender thing to get it further away from the tv, but after only 45 minutes, why would either the tv or Roku be overheating?  This morning it seems fine after an hour, but....

It stopped while I was playing YouTube, making me confirm that I was still watching.  I have never seen this message before.  Then again, I normally do use the controls after an hour..I was just playing it for over an hour to see if it would overheat.  Looking at the forum, it looks like it does this after four hours, not one hour.

I am not sure how old the Roku is (my husband took care of all this and he died), but looking at the Roku site, looks like it was registered almost two years ago. Streaming Stick+.

Do you think I need a new Roku?  Would a Roku TV be better?  All I do is watch 90 minutes of Netflix, Prime, Hulu, or YouTUbe a night.

Thanks for any help you can give this clueless old widow!

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Re: Overheating and Needing to Confirm After One Hour

Hi @jazzcat22,

Thanks for the post.

It's fairly normal for your device to get warm during use, but if you are seeing a message on the screen mentioning overheating, there are a few things you can do to help.
For more information visit our Support page here: What should I do if the red light is on or I see a “Your ...
I'd recommend ordering a free HDMI extender from our website and seeing if that resolved your issue.



Mary F.
Roku Community Moderator
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