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Onn blast Roku wireless subwoofer connection

I bought an Onn blast soundbar and then decided a couple of days later to buy a subwoofer. So I bought the Onn blast roku wireless sun. When purchasing it I asked the sales person if the two would be compatible and was told yes sims tgey both were Onn blast but when I get home I’m not allowed to connect my sun to the TCL roku tv. I’m told I need wireless speakers. Is there anyway to connect without buying wireless speakers? I don’t need them or want them

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Re: Onn blast Roku wireless subwoofer connection


Thanks for the post.

In order to connect a Roku Subwoofer, you will need to connect it to either a Roku Soundbar, Roku Streambar, or a Roku TV with attached Roku Speakers.

For more information about the Roku Subwoofer, visit our Support page here: What is a Roku® Wireless Subwoofer?


Danny R.
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Re: Onn blast Roku wireless subwoofer connection

So the onn blast soundbar will not pair to the onn blast roku subs nor satellite speakers? I have an onn blast soundbar and purchased afterwards the on blast roku sub and satellite speakers, have not yet tried to pair but before opening the product would like to verify this.

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