Onn TV with horrible audio

Roku TV: 7827x

Onn Model: 100012584

Software Version: 10.5.0 build 4201-AT

We keep experiencing issues ever since we bought this TV with the audio either being too low no matter how high we turn it up (it caps out really low and no matter how loud we try to make it, it doesn't get any louder), OR with the volume leveling it makes the dialog really quiet and the music/background noise really loud.  This happens with Hulu and Disney plus (I don't remember if it happens with other apps).  This is extremely annoying and it doesn't happen with all titles, only a few.  We need help.


We looked in our audio settings and there's nothing there to help with our issues.

We "updated" the OS and it updated to 10.0.2 build 4295-AT which seems to have gone backwards if I'm reading this right.  Regardless, the update did nothing to fix our issue.

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