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Onn Roku plays multiple audio streams simultaneously

If late at night I want to turn the volume low so I can watch tv while my wife sleeps to, say volume 3, I hear separate audio feeds being played…currently it’s the Superman theme song and the Family Feud theme songs that are looping in short 10 second clips while I’m watching ESPN through the Roku app on the screen. I get similar outcomes at times when I simply mute the TV at normal listening levels - those side audio feeds continue to play while no sound is being played from the TV broadcast. The sound level of those side feeds remain constant regardless of what level the TV is set to, however they simply get drowned out if the TV level is sufficient to cover them up. However, my wife claims she cannot hear them and wants to take me to the ER thinking I’m having hallucinations. Does anybody else have issues with these side feeds?Interestingly, the side feeds aren’t audible when I take a recording on my phone. For what it’s worth I do have a DirecTv box hooked to the TV as well. (One just changed from Superman to Wheel of Fortune)

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