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Onn Roku TV Volume Leveling Not Working

Regardless of which channel app, anything on the Roku has major volume issues.  Volume leveling temporarily corrects this; however, if you change channels, go to the next episode, or you're watching a source channel with ads (including YouTube) leveling stops working.  You have to go into the menu and turn the leveling off and back on.  This is annoying enough when it's once per episode.  It's a complete show-stopper when you're watching a YouTube video and you end up with 3-4 ad breaks in the span of 20 minutes, as every single time you end up having to go reset volume leveling.  Otherwise, you have to turn the volume up to near maximum in order to hear the audio.  When leveling is working, volume is usually set to 8-9.  Without it working it's closer to max volume and at times that STILL doesn't allow you to hear the audio.


Tried powercycling - no change.

Tried resetting the TV - no change.

Verified no updates are available.


This is on a 32" Onn Roku TV.

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