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OTA wireless receiver solutions?

Just got a 55" TCL with Roku built in. I use a WiFi router from Spectrum to stream all my shows/movies from the internet modem. I use an HD antenna to pull in local networks through my coaxial connection on the TV.  I want to move my TV to a different part of the house where the HD antenna cannot pick up signals and laying coax cable is impractical.

How do I wirelessly transmit the HD antenna signal to the TV? The antenna is in a very good spot to receive signals/networks. Unfortunately, the HD antenna is equivalent to an anchor keeping my TV in a part of the house where its inconvenient to watch. Any cord cutter solutions out there?


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Re: OTA wireless receiver solutions?

One idea would be to get a networked tuner like one of the SiliconDust products.  Then you can put the tuner near the antenna.  You wouldn't be using the TV's tuner at all.  They have a Roku channel that when I tried it was still in beta, but it worked ok.  I believe it's in the Channel Store now.  They even have DVR solutions, but I haven't tried any of them.  One issue may be that I think you have to run an Ethernet cable to the tuner.  I don't know if they have any that support WiFi.  There are other similar products from other companies, but I don't know anything about them.


If you can't find another wireless solution, this may be worth looking into.  Good luck!


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Re: OTA wireless receiver solutions?

The problem with placing the tuner next to the antenna is that the tuner also must be near and connected to the router. The router is connected directly to the internet modem which is in the only cable ready room very far from the antenna. This would require stringing a lot of ethernet wire throughout the apartment defeating the wireless objective.

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