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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Roku Channel Won't Play

Hi @AlanAnderson 

Thanks for the follow up and providing us with the information that you provided.

Please be aware that the appropriate Roku team is still continuing their investigation regarding the kickback you are seeing when trying to play content on The Roku Channel.

At this time, they have requested if you can provide the IP address from whatismyip.com. Please feel free to send this information via PM as this may be considered private information.

We appreciate your assistance in this continued investigation.


Danny R.
Roku Community Moderator
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Re: Roku channel not loading streaming content

Update to original post;

Problem disappeared. Originally started over a month ago--episodes would not load.  I had not changed any configurations. Using an ultra that has been installed since 2019.  ALL other channels would work ok.

Other info:Internet service provider was cable , but I changed to a wireless provider about a year ago; all was working.  I changed to a wireless  provider as they had a good price. I changed back to my original internet service provider (cable) this week because the price for the same 100mbs was $25/mo vs the $50/mo from the wireless provider.  Plus, the wireless provider was going to start charging me an additional $5/mo to autopay via my ccard.

NOTE: I did not change because of the roku issue.

Back to the roku channel issue: I tried everything I could find to resolve the issue, as many of you have also done. Nothing made any difference.

BUT, now I can stream episodes on the roku channel having reverted back to my cable service provider. Who only knows--the shadow knows.  I can only guess there is something in the internet transmission protocols that affect roku but not the other channels.

I cannot recommend you change your service provider.  My hope is that "ROKU" looks into this issue.


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