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[OS 11.5] After power on, Roku TV tunes in a broadcast TV channel, then restarts

After being powered on, my Roku TV tunes in the last broadcast TV channel watched (expected behavior), a picture briefly appears, then the TV restarts. After the restart, the broadcast TV channel is displayed and the TV works normally.

This behavior is fully repeatable (always happens) and appears to be associated with a recent update to OS 11.5

The Roku TV is a TCL model 40FS3750, Hardware ID 5135X

Software version is 11.5.0 build 4312-08, last updated 19 Jan 2023. Last checked today (19 Feb 2023).

Except for the above issue, the TV is operating normally. However, overall broadcast TV reception may be less reliable than it was before this issue appeared (software optimization?). Marginal signal strength channels are no longer coming in as well as they were a couple of months ago. (I'm not impressed with the tuner in this TV.)

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