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Reel Rookie

[OS 11.0] roku 11 update has broken sanyo smart tv

so, we had a 3 month old sanyo roku tv, and when it updated from 10.5 to 11, it ceased functioning. believing the tv itself had problems, we bricked it and bought another. worked fine for 4 days, then updated itself from 10.5 to 11...now it is also a brick. we have tried all the usual unplug, reinstall, secret screens etc, it just wont work on ANY CHANNEL. internet connectivity is great, close to 30 MBPS. there now an update available, ver up from, but it refuses to download...keeps saying to try again, or cant update at this time etc etc etc....my question is, can i roll back the version to 10.5 in any way?

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Community Streaming Expert

Re: roku 11 update has broken sanyo smart tv


Try connecting your RokuTV to a mobile hotspot and see if you can download the new OS update.

Otherwise, you can try disabling the 5ghz band of your network and see if the RokuTV can connect to your 2.4 ghz band in order to complete update.

Need to kind of determine if this is indeed an OS update issue or a network issue. (Not out of the question that OS update is responsible, but sometimes is just a coincidence when issues arise.)

Feel free to post back if you need more help.  Include router model number and ISP (internet service provider.)

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Roku Guru

Re: [OS 11.0] roku 11 update has broken sanyo smart tv


If none of @AvsGunnar's  suggestions work, try the the USB update method:


Have your Roku model & serial #s handy (Settings/System/About)

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Reel Rookie

Re: [OS 11.0] roku 11 update has broken sanyo smart tv

oops that did not work was the step 3 of of 4 reply. and to gunnars reply, we have 5 roku devices, the only ones we can not use are the smart tvs which have upgraded to v11

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