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OEM distributor - Roku-enabled smart TVs

I'm in the process of finalizing distribution of Roku-enabled smart TVs, and require to have several Intellectual Property Agreements finalized.  I'm specifically having trouble with Microsoft PlayReady and Windows Media Components.  Any idea which agreements apply to me based on the fact that I'm the OEM, Intermediate or Final product Agreement?

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Re: OEM distributor - Roku-enabled smart TVs

A TV OEM is providing a final product.

Have you tried emailing ipla at microsoft.com to get more clarification?  They will be in a better position to provide answers than members of this forum.  

Also, if you are looking for another Roku OEM that has gone through the process, you might want to try the developer's forum rather than the generic user's forum.
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Re: OEM distributor - Roku-enabled smart TVs

[Moving to Off-Topic, as this is not a Roku support related topic.] 
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