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Not enjoying my Roku sound bar with my Roku TV

I purchased the Roku soundbar and sub woofer to use on my Roku TV.  It all works fine and the sound is very good.  But having to use the Soundbar's operating system and switching from the TV to the soundbar is really annoying.  Better than half the time I use the Soundbar remote to turn on the system and it screws up and goes to the TV's operating system and has an  error message at the bottom of the screen about a non supported audio configuration.  I have to turn it back off and back on to fix it and its a pain because of all the switching to Soundbar count down stuff.    I am considering returning it and just purchasing a standard ARC soundbar so I can just use the TV and its one remote.   Is there any plans to allow us just to use the TV's OS and just have the sound bar play audio?  Are there any updates or changes planned? I love Roku for the simplicity and it is really starting to look like a different companies sound bar would have worked much better here.