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No physical Roku TV remote and I moved

I once had a Roku TV remote but my old roommate accidentally took it. I was able to connect to my Roku still via a universal remote app that I got. However, when my lease ran out I had to move and it was a weird move so I didn’t think about what could happen with connecting to the TV. Now that I am in my new place I can’t connect to the TV because it isn’t connected to wi-fi I saw a trick online to how to trick the TV that it’s in wi-fi but I don’t remember my old places wi-fi or password. Can anyone help?

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Re: I have no physical Remote and I have moved

If you can't recall your old WiFi SSID and password, then the only way to connect your TV is with a remote. I'm assuming the TV doesn't have an Ethernet jack or you can't run a cable from your router. 

Since it's a Roku TV, you should still be able to get an inexpensive generic IR remote from almost anywhere that sells remotes and other electronics. Check your TV brand (Roku didn't make your TV, they just started doing that themselves very recently) and make sure any generic remote lists your brand as supported. They also might list Roku TVs separately, but the TV remotes aren't the same as the player remotes, so just because they say Roku doesn't mean it will work on a Roku TV.

But the odds are you can find one for very little money. One of our local stores has multiple generic IR remotes between $6 and $20. 


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