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Level 7

No cast option in Roku TV

The roku tv I got is not popping up when I click cast on my Motorola phone I click the cast and my Roku is not showing up I tried to use my hotspot but it doesn't work just sucks that there isn't a easy way to cast my phone to the TV and wish it was simple so I wouldn't have to write such a long post haha and waste time in it 

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Level 18

Re: No cast option

Settings/System/Screen mirroring mode

play with those settings you can do it. Allow it

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and then youll need a casting app on your phone.

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Level 20

Re: No cast option

Roku supports Miracast (mirroring) and DIAL (casting) and AirPlay2 (casting & mirroring).

Roku does not support GoogleCast/Chromecast.

Its not clear from your post whether you are trying to cast (using DIAL - e.g. NetFlix or YouTube) or mirror (using Miracast - e.g. Enable Wiress Display) from your Motorola phone (unknown model; some directly support Miracast, some dont).

You need to determine whether your model supports ChromeCast or Miracast (or both).

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