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No apps are working

TV TCL32" 1080p   Model 32S327  Roku built in

Roku Express hooked to 3 year old LG 42" 720p

Both exhibit the same symptoms

Went into Roku as normal about 7:15PM on 3/17/2020.  Went into SlingTV, watched news, got bored and went into Antenna to watch some old westerns.  About 10PM Eastern on 3-17-2020, I switched over from Antenna to the Roku.  Went to SlingTV, got an error.  YoutubeTV, same thing.  Roku Channel exhibits a purple screen with grayed out boxes where the information should be.  Roku Tips & Tricks, ditto.  Netflix errors out.  Every other app goes into an endless load cycle (National CBS, NBC, Fox, local TV channels, PBS, Hulu, Pluto).  Went back into Antenna, it works fine.

Internet checks out through desktop.  Wireless connection checks out through phone and Fire 10 tablet.

Unplug TV.  Replug in TV.  Acquire my wireless connection, sign in, signal excellent.  Apps still not working.

System Restart.  Acquire wireless connection, etc...   Apps still not working.

Delete apps.  Add apps back.  Apps still not working.

Check for updates.  No updates.  Apps still not working.

I went through all this on both TV's.  No joy.  I am at my wits end.  Roku has worked flawlessly for several months now, and both devices die on the same day.

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Re: No apps are working

@mrvanwise  Thanks for reaching out here. Based on the behavior you described occurring on two separate devices, this is most likely an issue occurring with your network connection. It's possible that there is an issue with your wireless router/modem, or a settings/configuration change that has occurred which is preventing your devices from being able to connect out to the internet beyond your local network. 

I would highly encourage you to contact your ISP, and ask them to investigate your wireless router and network settings. They may need to help reset your router, adjust network settings related to ports or MAC filtering, etc. in order for your devices to be able to connect again. 

To test further, you might try connecting your devices to a different wireless network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if they are able to stream normally. You could also try using a different wireless router connected to your internet modem. This can help confirm a network or router related issue. 

Let us know how things go from there!




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