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No Surround Sound TCL 55R625

Just picked up the 55R625. Great set so far. I'm having a problem getting surround sound out of my A/V. I have a Yamaha RX-V479. Here is the setup.

PC to HDMI 1

Switch to HDMI 2

Optical cable to AV

*No other connections*

The reason I am not connecting the PC to the input on the receiver is that the 479 doesn't do HDR (and the 4K isn't that great for that model). The reason I'm not connecting the Switch to the receiver directly is that I was using it to verify that something is wrong.

Neither device will produce surround sound when hooked up this way. In fact, when you enable the surround sound option in the Switch system settings, the sound output ceases immediately. When you are using the PC, the only option you see in Window is Stereo (5.1 and 7.1 are greyed out). 

With my previous setup (pre-TCL) I had each device hooked up to the receiver and the receiver hooked up to the TV. No problems there. However, shouldn't I be able to still get surround sound with the above setup?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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Level 19

Re: No Surround Sound TCL 55R625

@DSilver Thanks for the note here. Have you contacted TCL support to report the issue and request additional assistance? This would be the best place to start. A couple other questions here: 

- Do you experience the same issue when playing audio from Roku streaming channels on your TV? 

- Are you PC or Switch trying to send Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital+ audio streams when configured for surround sound audio? 

- In Settings>Audio>S/PDIF and ARC, what option do you currently have selected? Have you tried changing this from Auto to one of the specific settings, such as Dolby Digital / DTS, etc.? Does this have any impact on the behavior you are seeing? 




Level 7

Re: No Surround Sound TCL 55R625

I have contacted Support. They were very helpful. The long story short is that removing the optical connection and just using HDMI connections via my A/V fixed the issue. I'll be limited to non-HDR content from my PC due to my receiver but I'll deal with that at a later date.

Something that is curious remains, though. When the PC is the "active" input, the AV shows Dolby Digital as an option. When the Switch or just the TCL itself is "active" no such option is available. It seems like I'm getting amazing sound out of the Switch and when I'm using Disney+ but it is odd that it isn't showing on the AV screen like it does when the PC is active. 

And one, very minor issue, now that I'm using ARC, is that there doesn't seem to be a way to switch inputs on the AV, absent using the AV controller, which sort of defeats the point. Meaning, if I wake my PC up and I wake the Switch up, the Switch "wins" and will be the one that displays when I select the AV input on my TCL. When I put the Switch in Standby, the PC doesn't "pick up" even though it is awake and the HDMI input that is displayed on the AV still remains the Switch input. 


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