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Level 7

No Smart Soundbar User Manual?

I was just speaking with someone at Customer Service and was told there is no user manual available for the smart soundbar.  SERIOUSLY??  Does anyone know if/when one will be available?  I do not have time to go searching online every time an issue comes up;  I have always printed out my user manuals, put them in a notebook, and know where to find them.  It's one **bleep** of a lot faster to sit down and read the manual through than to try and navigate a badly designed support interface on the website or waste time on hold only to get connected with someone in a non-U.S. call center who speaks with an inpenetrable accent.  I don't mind going to websites to find & download the manuals on pdf since no one puts them in the boxes with the devices anymore, but not having one at all is a deal breaker.

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Level 19

Re: No Smart Soundbar User Manual?

Thanks for reaching out to share the feedback here. I'll be sure to share it with our team for future consideration. 




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Help Me Write a Manual Re: No Smart Soundbar User Manual?

I agree with the op, absent the vitriol, so speak out. What should the manual cover?



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