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Reel Rookie

No Audio on Roku using Screen Mirroring, iPhone and Audible

I have a Roku Express and have attempted to connect to my iPhone using Screen Mirroring for Roku app so I could be able to listen to my Audible books on my TV instead of my phone.

I can't get any sound to work no matter what I do. I have looked at the support boards here as well as others available online to no avail. I even tried to use Airplay.

I saw that there may be no way to get the sound  to work in the scenario I have described. If so, I am really frustrated, especially since I made an app purchase over a free version.

Amazon has their own devices and apps to accommodate this and I think that if Roku is trying to set itself up as a premiere resource, then it should have a way to make all of this work.

Can I get some help?


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Channel Surfer

Re: No Audio on Roku using Screen Mirroring, iPhone and Audible

Same problem here…

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