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Level 13

Netflix causing TCL Series 5 to reboot

Been a LONGTIME Roku user, but am forced to use Netflix on my Fire Stick, because the version of Netflix on my Roku TV (43S525).. 

I'll be scrolling through titles in Netflix, and the scrolling will eventually come to a crawl, and eventually reboot the TV. This happens at least daily. 

I've tried the "remove channel, reboot TV, add channel" trick already. No dice.

Just letting support know I'm having major issues here. In the past, Netflix has worked fine on all my Roku devices, as it should, since Netflix is THE app for most.

Yeah, I got some Rokus.
Level 8

Re: Netflix causing TCL Series 5 to reboot

@jeffrok — Have you had any luck fixing this?? We have the same issue with our TCL & it is insaaanely frustrating.

Level 14

Re: Netflix causing TCL Series 5 to reboot

There is a 10-page thread since last summer about Netflix buffering making it unusable on Roku TVs. Roku doesn't seem to think it's a big deal, and tells people to take it up with Netflix.

"People are often amazed at how much we’ve done with the number of engineers we’ve got." (Roku CEO Anthony Wood, Austin Statesman, Oct 4, 2019). "Amazed" is one way of putting it.
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