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My Sharp ROKU TV won't turn on?

I guess my TV has been acting funny lately? Slow remote control delays, feels like its slower going from app to app. So earlier today I went to stream some live sports, clicked on the comcast live app and the screen went black. The red light near the power button and continuously been blinking on and off all day on its own. I unplugged it, plugged it back in. Held the power button down for several seconds. Nothing seems to be working. The support website doesn't seem to be very detail in my specific issue. It says support agent, but I can't seem to get a hold of anyone or anything.. I would like to talk to someone to help possibly get this resolved. Other than this, the TV has been great. Works well.. but why should I just go buy another one for X amount of dollars if this is going to be the issue? This makes me not trust the product I have purchased. Please someone let me know if they have had similar issues and what you or they have done to help resolve the issue. Thank you

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Re: My Sharp ROKU TV won't turn on?


Thanks for the post.

Can you please elaborate on the issue you are experiencing? Are you able to turn on the TV or are you just unable to see a display?

It's possible that the issue you are experiencing may be hardware related. Have you tried contacting Sharp support yet to inquire further? I'd suggest starting there to see what options or suggestions they can provide. Each Roku TV manufacturer provides direct support for their products running the Roku OS. 

You can reach them here: http://www.sharpusa.com/CustomerSupport/ContactUs.aspx or at 1-888-935-8880.


Danny R.
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