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Momentarily garbled audio with DirecTV c64k receiver, Sony Bravia TV (2020)


I have spent much time on this community board and do not see my specific behavior posted here.


  • Roku Streambar
  • DirectV c64k 4k receiver
  • Sony 65 in, Bravia TV (2020 model year, running Android OS for TV)
  • All devices from various OEMs have the latest firmware updates


TV:  HDMI cable to DirecTV receiver

TV:  HDMI cable to Roku Streambar


  1. Everything works as expected from a functional perspective using either Roku channels or DirecTV channels.
  2. Roku channels play video and audio as expected, i.e. clear, no buffering or no audio distortions.
  3. Using DirecTV remote to control audio moves TV audio up/down, along with Streambar audio up/down
  4. When watching DirecTV content, either live or recorded (I have a HS17 receiver that serves all c64k receivers), the audio will come across garbled for 2 to 4 seconds every 20 minutes or so.  If I turn off and disconnect the Streambar and use TV audio only, I do not experience this problem.

Anyone else seen this problem and/or solved this behaviour?


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